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About Us

Having worked in downtown Tulsa for more than 30 years, the Price family is excited to invest in renewing Tulsa’s position as a vibrant place to live, work and play. The face of downtown is changing rapidly. A healthy mixture of store fronts, restaurants, office space and historic apartments line our streets, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement.
Price Family Properties claims 50 percent of downtown Tulsa’s central business district in our commercial real estate portfolio, and we manage more than 2 million square feet of commercial office space. We currently lease 13 unique office buildings (and 15 unique structures) in the central business district of Tulsa.
However, what we believe sets us apart is we are more than a leasing agent. Our tenants are our partners, and we work hard to ensure they have the space that matches their needs and goals. Quick response time, regular maintenance and going the extra mile are all just par for the course at Price Family Properties.

Join the momentum in downtown Tulsa with us!

For Leasing & Management Call: 918-581-3300.

Our Team

Stuart Price


Linda Mitchell Price


Jacqueline Price Johannsen


David Larsen

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Regan

Executive Vice President, Leasing and Operations

Nikki Price

Executive Vice President, Property Management

Joe Neal

Property Manager

Maizie Tyler

Office Manager and Staff Accountant

LaTonya Murphy

Staff Accountant

Brooke Harper

Property Manager

Gay Tuttle

Property Manager

We have an extremely talented and hardworking team of engineers and porters who make our buildings run smoothly for our tenants every single day
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