Price Family Properties downtown parking garage lights up the night
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Price Family Properties downtown parking garage lights up the night

Price Family Properties downtown parking garage lights up the night

Into a structure that typically is cold and gray, Price Family Properties has injected warmth and color.

Nightly, the company is illuminating the exterior of its new parking garage at Fourth and Main streets, PFP President Jackie Price said.

Adding an evening element to the building’s look was “always a part of the conversation,” she said. “A lot of building owners in downtown are starting to light up their buildings.

“Our First Place Tower is lit up. TransOk is lit up. Bank of America is lit up, Philtower, the 320 (South Boston) Building … We just obviously wanted to continue adding to the excitement of being able to light up our downtown.”

Tenants of First Place Tower this month began parking in the five-story, 500-space garage, which includes two underground levels and commercial space on the ground floor.

Cyntergy designed the building. The facade, which features vertical aluminum fins that are blue, green and gold, appears primarily blue during the day. White letters that spell “TULSA” on the northeast corner become visible when viewed from an angle.

Lighthouse Electric installed the exterior lighting, and the color-changing capability, which is controlled by an app, is from Traxon Technologies, Price said. PFP will be able to pick from a dozen color schemes, many of which will be coordinated with holidays, such as green for St. Patrick’s Day; red and green for Christmas; and red, white and blue for Independence Day and other patriotic holidays, she said.

“We set the general calendar but then I obviously can go in any day and override the system …” Price said.

 This article was originally published in the Tulsa World on March 23, 2019. View the original article here.
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